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Voted "Best Travel Blog" by Forbes, Vagabonding is a round-the-world travelogue created by a guy from Chicago named Mike. This is an old-school travel site, one that predates YouTube and social media; "a geek and a laptop go around the world" was a pretty novel concept back then.

Mike's solo, one-year quest through Asia and Africa is over, but you can relive the adventure in the video, travelogue, and photo archives.

Here's a map of Mike's route.

Welcome to Vagabonding. Peep the site trailer above, then dive into the video highlights below.
May the road rise to meet you!


Video highlights:

See these stunning Indian temples, famous for their sophisticated construction; bold artistic statements; and intricate carvings depicting group sex, 69s, and two men getting it on with a horse. watch video »

Want to fire an AK47 or M16? Maybe throw a hand grenade? Then visit Phnom Penh, where shady entrepreneurs have turned Cambodia's huge military surplus into tourist dollars. watch video »

Hike through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda with me and Park Ranger Steven and observe the Mubare group of mountain gorillas. watch video »

"What's Your Trip?" on the Travel Channel recently ran my ostrich ride segment! But what I'm really excited about is that host Andrew Zimmern pronounced my name correctly. watch video »

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Travelogue highlights

Where else can you get three healthy, tasty meals for less than $4? more »

A sometimes unintelligible Scottish guide led me over a series of class five rapids in Uganda, including the "largest commercially rafted hole in the world". more »

A herd of wild elephants tried to push my treehouse down (or something like that) in Kibale National Park, Uganda. more »

I really enjoyed the beaches, nightlife, architecture, and tropical feel in Durban, South Africa – until a gang of thugs tried to mug me in broad daylight. more »

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