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Vagabonding is a round-the- world travelogue created by Mike P, an optimist from Chicago. Mike traveled on his own through Asia and East Africa and updated this site from the road.

The trip is over, but the site remains. All the travelogue, video, and photo entries are in their archives.

View a map of Mike's route.


While I was traveling I encouraged site visitors to support me with small donations, and I sent them a little something in return:

  • $5 sponsors received postcards
  • $25 sponsors received small, far-flung gifts such as sarongs, jewelry, hand-embroidered cashmere shawls, kitschy t-shirts, and Tingatinga paintings
  • $50+ sponsors got gifts they'd actually want; I even took requests

Additionally, sponsors had their name immortalized on this page.

In total, site visitors donated over $1,300. Thanks very much, folks!

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